Photography for Estate Agents

Clear, well framed photographs of a property, that show it to best advantage but without unrealistic distortion are a great way of maximising the number of genuinely interested buyers that you get over the threshold.

Photographs that capture the facts of a property, and its feel, contribute in building the interest that leads to a fast and profitable sale. Examples of a range of property styles can be seen below

Twilight Photography

Go the extra mile and have your property stand out from the crowd




A six bedroom property

This property prepped for sale by Sassy Property Styling and shot with lifestyle models. Also includes a twilight photo




An example four bedroom property

All types of property benefit from being presented well and photographed professionally.




Example Property One

This is a standard three bedroom house, photographed following prep for sale by Sassy Property Styling. Also shown is the optional addition of a blue sky to the exterior photos.







Pricing depends on the size of the property, or the number of photographs required.

Please call for a quote +44 (0)7968 123525 at any time

Most properties fall within the range of £100-£175